2021 Commission & School Board Candidates

Results of Candidate Questionnaires Published

The Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce asked a series of questions to candidates for both City Commission and USD 383 Board seats. Those responses can be found here:

City Commission
School Board 

The questions were formulated by the Business Advocacy Committee. We published all unedited responses we received by the deadline, which was Oct. 10. We received responses from all but one candidate. Please remember that early voting has started with the main election taking place on Nov. 1. Here is a summary of the questions:

Candidate Questions for City Commission

1. Why are you running for city commission?

2. Manhattan has been relatively flat in job and population growth over the past decade which has negatively impacted tax receipts. How can the city commission influence these trends?

3. What is the city commission's role in spurring job creation and what strategies do you have for these activities?

4. Housing has been identified as a challenge for Manhattan. How do you feel about the current housing situation and what can the city commission do to provide solutions?

5. The property tax rates continue to rise on Manhattan businesses and residents. How can the commission balance the needs of the city government without overburdening taxpayers?

6. What are your top priorities as city commissioner?

Candidate Questions for School Board

1. Why are you running for school board?

2. The property tax rates continue to rise on Manhattan businesses and residents. How can the school board balance the needs of students without overburdening taxpayers?

3. What are your top priorities as a school board member?

4. Many economic experts say there is a skills misalignment between graduates and job openings. Manhattan alone has over 1,000 job openings and Kansas has a reported 55,000 job openings How can USD 383 help create better alignment in the Manhattan region?

5. What is your opinion of a proposed career center partnership with Manhattan Area Technical College and how should we pay for it?

6. Recent events have brought national issues to our local school board creating some division among the community. How can the USD 383 school better seek to address these situations in the future?

We appreciate the willingness of the candidates to respond to our questions and we hope the results will help you determine how to vote. This election is extremely important to our city’s future.